When do you need a watch winders

Published: 19th September 2011
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The self winding feature of an automatic watch is set in motion by the moving of the arm when the someone wears it. Due to this fact automatic watches have to be kept in perpetual movement to keep them wound and working properly. Watch winder is important for people having automatic watches, as it is a piece of equipment that keeps on winding the watch when it is not worn. Due to the difficulty of manually winding the automatic watches, the need for watch winders arose, resulting in their invention.

The winding of a watch takes place inside a case, the watch winder, which is made to rotate roughly mimicking the way an arm moves. Both types of watch winders, simple as well as elaborate, are available and can hold a single watch and wind it or are classy and hold many watches. Another classification of watch winders categorizes them into normal watch winders and time-based watch winders.

Normal watch winders keep on winding the watch till it is fully wound and spring automatically stops after that. While as, you can set the time for which you want to wind the watch, in case of time-based watch winders. Time-based watch winders are a better option, even though over-winding of the watch does not affect its workability.

Watch winder should be only used when needed and keeping you watch in it for longer period of time should be avoided, i.e. if you are not a habitual wearer of the watch, then there is no need of using the watch winder regularly. Other than watches that are semi-quartz and don't have batteries, automatic watch winders are of no use in case of quartz watches that have batteries and do not need winding.

Though the watch winders keep your watch ready to be worn, but they do not harm the oils used in your watch, as the oils that they use are tested and don't coagulate until the watch is kept idle and not wound for a longer period of time. In case you possess a complex watch that shows more than just time and date, then watch winder may prove to be of great importance, though you may not use the watch but to keep everything current you would the watch winder.

Passing strike, month display, zodiac signs, week of year, minute repeater etc are few of the augmentations.Orbita watch winders are among the market leaders in the watch winder industry and is considered one of the best brands around. Orbita watch winder comes in different sizes and shapes, and depending upon the customer's choice, they can choose the one that they like.

From simple watch winders that have just a case for holding the watch to the very complex ones that can hold many watches and have extra compartments for keeping items like jewelry, Orbita watch winder have a great collection. After displaying their manual watch winders in Basel Watch Expo, in 2000, Orbita became the first company to enter that market.

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